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{ hello munday } sticks & stones

hi friends! today has been busy busy ... a short week in the office since we're heading to NEW ORLEANS this weekend. fun times! here's an itty bitty {hello munday} to hold you over ...

{source: shop // this is pretty, wear // our family jewels, make // cantilever & press, smile // david & goliath}

shop // these birch bark lanterns from this is pretty. wouldn't they be such a pretty addition to your fall or even winter decor? oooh - or a fall wedding. love!

wear // this simple twig bangle from our family jewels.

make // this amazing coat rack. okay okay - so i just finished a coat rack for our apartment ... but my aprons need to be properly displayed as well, right? time for a nature walk to collect some sticks! not up for the challenge? start saving your fun money and buy the original from cantilever and press.

smile // "you rock! you rule!" i am so appreciative of those of you that are reading. :) thanks for sticking w/ me when work isn't blog conducive. i'll be back to my regular old self soon! xo.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Great list! Love the branch bracelet..how amazing is that?!

Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

You are quite the trendspotter my dear! Love it :) Enjoy New Orleans!

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