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at last ... our kitchen chairs!

remember this post ... and this post ... and this post? all dedicated to my search for 1950s era school chairs for our kitchen table.

to be honest - i had about given up. each time i thought i had found them ... i soon discovered that they were preschooler tiny, gah! i even looked into the restoration hardware versions (like we could really afford anything from there) ... again they were for tiny tots. each time i got downhearted, i reminded myself that ashley ann of under the sycamore had found the perfect chairs - and all 6 for just $12. a glimmer of hope. {how melodramatic i am!}

i decided - one last thorough craigslist search of not only the nashville area ... but the entire state of tennessee and basically the entire south (i didn't mention that to wade!). and i found a listing for 13 chairs in knoxville @ $5 a piece or 3 for $12. in an effort to save us a trip, i asked the seller if he would take a picture of an adult sitting in the chairs. and he was so cooperative. (oh boy do i wish i had saved that picture! hee hee.)

from this new picture, they looked perfect. then again there was the chance that he was 5'1"! that is why we decided to camp. so that our labor day trip to knox wouldn't be a complete wash.

guess what people ... it wasn't! they are PERFECT!

180 miles, 4 dollars a piece, 6 fantastic chairs ...

0 wads of gum ... and only 1 cuss word. okay so maybe eventually we will have to sand the wood and restain. for now, old english polish is doing the trick. and i kind of like the little memories marked on each chair.

they had 5 identical chairs - and 2 additional slightly different chairs we could choose from. wade chose the 1 that matched in color and height. "the captain's chair" he declared. it is perfectly different w/ a handy little spot for my favorite cookbooks.

COMPLETE - at last!

or at least i thought it was ...

i have been lusting after a window greenhouse like this one {left} via martha stewart some time now. unfortunately our kitchen windows aren't inset. but could this hanging shelf DIY {right} shared today on under the sycamore be the perfect compromise!?! there goes my fun money for october! :)


Faith Bendt said...

I love the one with storage!! So perfect for those cookbooks. Great idea. Can't wait to test them out. Maybe they will make me smarter next time we play that numbers game.

Anna said...

Those chairs are amazing! I never would have thought to use chairs like that as dining rooms chairs but they fit in yours perfectly! Wow. Just beautiful.

Emily said...

What a gorgeous kitchen, Blair! Love you finally finished the puzzle!!

Tara said...

Your home is so adorable! What a great place to kick off your shoes after a long day. Lovely!

my best friend jules said...

What a great find! These chairs are aaaaamazing! I'm a bit jealous to tell you the truth ;) Hih! They look kinda perfect in your kitchen!

xxx mervi

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies! i am soooo thrilled w/ the chairs. they still make me smile after a week every time i see them - silly i know. so glad that i practiced patience.

chrissy said...

i would faint. i would seriously just faint from happiness. so amazing!


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