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{our weekend} uncle tom's cabin ...

i mentioned last week that w + i were heading to knoxville for a super quick trip to pick up a little something i found on craigslist. yes - 180 miles to spend a whopping 24 dollars (i'll have the details tomorrow!).

we decided to cut our drive in half and camp on our friend bob's land in monterey, tn. our first solo camping trip - a success. we cooked a most delicious meal of pork chops + veggies and didn't die of food poisoning! and we survived the night w/o being attacked by a mountain lion or an escaped con hiding out in the tennessee backwoods (okay - just maybe both fears kept me up half the night!).

{note to self} a few must-haves for future camping excursions:
1 // more layers ... brr! 
2 // alcohol or nyquil ... and an air mattress. {aka sleep!}
3 // matches! thank goodness for the cigarette lighter in the truck + 1 determined husband. woops.

all good lessons to have learned before recruiting a group to rough it w/ us! i'm pretty excited for our first little overnight family camping trip in october w/ a few of our favorites and their kiddos.


Bugs (in the Mojave) said...

Charming~ I'd love to see photos of the inside of Uncle Tom's cabin.

Blair Munday said...

not as charming! ;) it's very rustic. :) bunk beds on 2 walls. i'll try to remember to snap a picture next time.

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