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bits and bobs {part 1}

wade + i walked away from a garage sale earlier this summer w/ a $10 box of random art. of course to the art collector ... it's full of mostly cheap prints - but to us ... it was the beginning! and so i began to brainstorm just how to display our finds.

i saw this little post by martha stewart and was dead set on converting our bookshelves from just bookshelves into an art gallery. and then ... i happened upon dottie angel's bits and bobs wall. wowee!

the wheels have begun to turn (and who am i kidding ... there's no stopping them. sorry, wade.). maybe we need a bits and bobs wall of our own? we do have the most appropriate living room wall that could use some love.

and look i've already pinned lots and lots and lots of lovely inspiration:

{1 // claiborne swanson frank for vogue,  2 // pinterest, 3 // studio da lu, 4 // max kim-bee for brides.com, 5 // dottie angel, 6 // under the sycamore


my best friend jules said...

I love these! The little Dottie Angle workspace is adorable! I NEED something like that! :) xxx mervi

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