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felt friday: snowmum pillow

happy friday, folks!

what a busy busy week. monday was valentine's day. tuesday we had small group through our church. wednesday's after work drink w/ my friend samantha turned into a fantastic evening out. and last night wade and i spent the evening w/ ellen of black and white and loved all over, her wonderful husband nekos and their darling 11 month old, tessa. it was a fantastic evening of fine food and 50-something weather - the perfect conditions for a backyard fire.

works been a bit mad this week too! 4 upcoming photo shoots to art direct! yay!

all that to say ... i didn't get around to finishing as many pillows as i had ANTICIPATED this week. but i'm pretty satisfied with the one that i did get around to finishing:

{oh yes - that is our $150 craigslist couch!}

i love amy butler designs - and especially love her FREE (that's right i said free) online patterns.

for this pillow, i modified her snow mum pillow pattern. i followed her steps to create perfect felt mum. but instead of creating the body of the pillow out of felt - i used left over burlap and the linen i used on wade's valentine's day saddlebags.

i went ahead and made 2 more basic burlap pillows ... now to add details. monday is president's day ... so that is my goal! i love days when i don't have to work!!! :)

happy looooong weekend!


Delilah said...

i love your burlap pillow. the flower part...is that made out of felt? What color? it looks almost like wool. I love it!

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