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fri-DIY: old photograph coasters

while brainstorming valentine's day for wade ... i came across several really great old photographs at one of the antique stores. i decided to make them into coasters for wade as a little bonus gift.

you'll need:
  • 4 old photos
  • scissors or an exacto knife + cutting board
  • round cork coasters (i bought mine at michael's)
  • small foam paintbrush
  • mod podge or another glue sealant

step 1)
cut out circles for each of your old photographs by either tracing and using scissors or placing the cork coaster on the backside of the photo on a cutting board and tracing the coaster w/ your exacto.

step 2)
using your foam brush, apply the mod podge to one side of the coaster and add an old photo ... smoothing out any bubbles and matching edges.

step 3)
apply several thin coats of mod podge to the top and sides of the coaster to seal. allow to dry in between each coat.

voila ... old photograph coasters

imagine all the other things we can mod podge into coasters!?! :)


Heather Rene said...

This makes me sad that my Modge Podge dried itself shut... :(

Someday I'll get more & take on fun projects like this!

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