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tickets bought: boston in march

daydreaming of boston today ... as we're heading back for a visit mid-march! and of course, i'm already thinking about the FOOD. {luckily we do a whole lot of walking while visiting the city.}

1) parish cafe

i'm excited to take a walk through boston gardens to the very spot where we got engaged last feb. and we'll just be a short walk from the parish cafe on boylston.

the concept behind the parish cafe is brilliant. local chefs from all around boston come up w/ a unique sandwich for the parish cafe menu. then their restaurant gets a mention. basically it's a best of the best restaurant. {nashville SO needs one of these!}

i'm nut-so about their "elephant walking on eggs" sandwich by chef gerard lopez - owner of the elephant walk in cambridge. {maybe wade and i should give his restaurant a try too?} julienned vegetables sauteed with fresh goat cheese. served omelette style on a french baguette with mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumbers with an herb vinaigrette. yum! thankfully it's still on the menu.

{source: l.y.p. on yelp!}

2) massimino's cucina italiana

we have to hit up the north end for some authentic italian food and ambiance. we've stumbled upon massimino's the first time i visited wade in boston - and every trip i made up there afterward. it's not just about the fantastic gnocci ... but also the waitstaff. very enjoyable authentic bostonians/italians.

{source: bestdining.com}

self-described as gourmet chocolatiers ... this is the best cup of hot chocolate i have EVER had. 2 sips in and i'm completely full. they do however have a french inspired cafe as well. we might have to give it a try too.

4) trident booksellers & cafe

of course, we'll have to have breakfast at trident on newbury street. wade loves their malted belgian waffles and the little bottles of pure maple syrup that come with it. for new englanders - pure maple syrup might not be anything special ... but this was life changing for my southern born and raised husband. some people steal hotel soaps - he is a sucker for miniature bottles of maple syrup!

{source: city data}

5) someplace w/ seafood ... for wade.

i have a killer allergy to shellfish. seriously! (one time wade had 1 piece of shrimp and kissed me on the cheek about an hour later. my eyes swelled shut and my skin blistered into a perfect kiss mark!) but my sweet husband loves the stuff. luckily he'll be in boston for a conference 3 days longer than me so he'll get his opportunity.

any bostonians following the blog? what am i missing out on?


Leigh said...

Can't wait to see you in Boston!!! Let me know the dates ASAP!! :)

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