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i'm a nervous wreck this week ...

and when i'm nervous ... i'm pretty sure i make wade nervous.

I CLEAN ... like mad.

this is a super busy week for wade. so while he made phone calls. i kept myself busy. i attacked the kitchen and the living room: we still needed to unpack from christmas and our new years trip to east - so i unpacked. i tackled one of our closets (see my last post - spring cleaning). i sorted the recycling into piles. i hung up pictures. i organized the tv cabinet. i did 2 loads of laundry. and i vacuumed the living room rug twice ...

{want to know my secret: i poured myself a glass of water about 3 tasks in and then kept using it as a reward. "finish this next task and you can have the water." ... i know a glass of WATER. must work on my rewards.}

finally i sat down with wade to relax for a bit. truth is i'm not very good at sitting still.

... but - i have a game plan: i can sit still as long as i'm KNITTING. (special thanks to seanna and lyn for my refresher course "chicks with sticks" this past december.)

i ordered a new book today! and i just had to share:

i decided that i was going to attempt socks this week. i could go on knitting basic fingerless gloves and scarves for the rest of my life - but i was ready for a challenge. so i made a trip to michaels to pick up yarn & a pattern. and since i had a few minutes to spare, i decided to glance at the knitting books.

most of the options were SO not me - dog sweaters, shawls, toaster covers ... you get the picture. but closely knit - by hannah fettig - is packed full of really comfy, cozy knitting ideas!

i especially love that it is intended as "handmade gifts for the ones you love" and that her projects range in difficulty from an easy hat for wee ones to full-on sweaters for the men in our lives.

a few of my instant favorites:

ps - hannah has a blog too - knitbot ... an instant blog reader add! :)


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