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someday: {craft}station

it's a bit early for spring cleaning - but i really really want to start the year off on the right foot. for the most part our apartment stays "company ready". we of course have our catchall - the kitchen table or the desk - but nothing a 5 minute straightening session couldn't fix. however ... open a closet - and it's another story!!!

{that's the trouble with tiny apartments. you utilize every square inch of closet space.}

this weeks task - mission: organize the closets!
today i've been daydreaming about a {craft}station of my own.

for those of us working with limited space:

leave it to martha.
love the simple white backdrop and stainless desk (easy cleanup!)
... and of course the fluffy cat!

{photo courtesy: martha stewart}

i'm a sucker for pegboard.
perfect for those of us that constantly change our minds.
so an entire pegboard wall ... i'm in!
love this cute little station from country living.

{photo courtesy: country living}

and of course want to mention one of my blog favorites - under the sycamore.
ashley up-cycled an old filing cabinet ... and w/ limited space -
it tucks away sweetly into a kitchen corner.

{photos courtesy: under the sycamore}

love these sweet little touches as well. i do have about a million mason jars around the house from the wedding.

{photos courtesy: kris morgan}

and of course the ultimate dream ... an entire room dedicated to crafting:

{photo courtesy: soulemama}

okay okay - back to reality. i won't have space for any of the above any time in the near future. but a girl can dream ... right?

have any favorite crafting spaces i missed out on? comment!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Great post! I love all the spaces you picked out. I hear ya, my lady. Organization is hard, no matter what. We have a big enough house (not huge, believe me) but it's just more to clean up. And crafting gets MESSY!

One day, I feel confident, you'll have a crafting room all to yourself! :)

Cody said...

It's never too early to clean. It's a good thing that you went ahead with your spring cleaning before the rest of us can. I was planning to have our house cleaned by other people since we'll be out of town for a few weeks. I was planning to get maids and those who can do the carpet cleaning. Orange County, CA has a lot of them, I know.

Oh, by the way, I took a look a Martha Stewart's site. This is one awesome site. I'll pass this link to my wife. Thanks for sharing!

Steven Lodrhowe said...

Wow! Everything looks so neat and organized! The floors are really shiny, too. Thanks for sharing these photos! The pic with the peg board makes me want to have one in my room. Haha!

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