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{blog}share: i go by katie

my grandmother has dementia. in the last year she has gone dramatically downhill. about 2 months ago, my mom and her sisters had to make a very difficult decision and move grandma into a nursing home.

thankfully, she was able to come home for christmas.

she isn't often able to share many stories with us anymore. but she has the same smile, the same soft hands and for the most part - the same sweet sweet spirit. and she's still a go-getter ... always wanting a job! i love my grandma.

i go by katie has been dusting off old projects and sharing them with the blogosphere. i absolutely loved this post. and have decided this would be such a sweet project to do with my mom & my grandmother. making plans as we speak {i type}.

i had to share:

and speaking of home ...


Ciona said...

both of these are super sweet. love this little girl.

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