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all the single ladies ...

with wade on the road for the week ... i dedicated this week to being a girl! tonight i'm cooking dinner for jen, tomorrow - dinner with jamie, thursday - lunch with joanna followed by dinner with min. and in between all my dinners, i have a list of little things i want to do around the house + christmas presents to begin, christmas decorations to make and a freelance design project to conquer.

last night ... to kick the week off with a bang - i went to seanna's house for "chicks with sticks". seanna's sister owns a yarn store in kingston springs and her mom teaches lessons. we convinced her to have us over for a knitting party/private lesson! :)

{we each received sticks + 2 skeins of yarn}

{and by the end of the night ... a pretty good start on our first scarf!}

i might just have to add scarves and fingerless gloves to my christmas gift giving list!

are you getting in the christmas spirit?

it has gotten cold here (finally!) so i'm beginning to get excited. i can't believe thanksgiving is a week from thursday! then christmas will be right around the corner. i bought my first christmas present for wade this morning ... and am pretty anxious about the vinyl i ordered yesterday:

{a vickroy family tradition that i'm super excited to continue with our little mundays ... someday}

speaking of excited, we're pretty excited for our first married couple christmas together. and excited to decorate our own tree!!! but we have about 10 ornaments!?! time to get creative! i have a couple of fun fun christmas decorating ideas for the apt. (need a run to goodwill & michaels during my lunch hour for supplies.)

any decorating ideas you're willing to share?

okay - time to work!

ps ... someone's eating popcorn for breakfast at the office. can't say i've ever had popcorn before 10am.


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