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my growing christmas wish list ...

wade and i really don't need anything for christmas this year. remember september 25th? well christmas came early! wedding presents still show up at our door daily. and our little 1 bedroom apartment is filling quickly to the brim.

but we've set a small gift giving budget for each other. today i ordered several small things for wade. and though i'm a little nervous, he's going to think "what were you thinking?!?" on one item (don't worry - we can always return it). the other little gifts are perfect. i've been spying on him and keeping a little list of what he mentions in passing.

i thought i'd make a little wishlist anyways as an addendum to my earlier list (hint hint wade, mom, sisters, etc - discuss among yourselves! hee hee.) ...

1) really into squirrels {and acorns} this year. obviously this nutcracker from west elm caught my eye. love it!:

2) they say diamonds are a girls best friend. a bit of organic bling from goodwoodnyc.com with these "diamond" stud earrings:

3) a reminder to sparkle w/ this chandelier necklace from lisaleonardonline.com.

4) this joby gorillapod flexible tripod for digital SLR cameras (found on amazon). so wade no longer has to be my photo assistant. ;)

and since this is a WISH list ... a girl can DREAM ...

5) this vintage french dress form (i don't dare add a link ... bc just maybe someday i'll win the lottery and it will still be available!). beautiful!:

6) and ... the the complete french set on rosetta stone:

what's on your wish list? what's on your DREAM list?

{this could prove very helpful as i am about to delve further into christmas shopping this weekend!}


Lindsey said...

hmmm...your blog makes me want to know you! How cute are these. And that French body form...would love it. I have to say that my wish list would include the copper pots and pans that hang in the windows of Williams Sonoma and taunt me every time I pass by. They say "i could give your kitchen that pop you've been looking for."

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