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wednes-DIY: anthropologie inspired pennet necklace

love love love the new anthropologie catalog. and especially love this "a fine fete" necklace:

{photo credit: anthropologie}

but for those of us that can't afford to drop $60+ bucks on a necklace (especially not this close to christmas) ... it just isn't going to happen. so i decided to make my own!

* leather remnants - i purchased a small bag @ michaels for $5.99 ...
only complaint: a bit limited on colors
* approx 20" of chain - i chose silver bc i thought it matched the leather remnant colors best
* clasp
* ribbon
* piece of paper/cardboard for a template
* scissors
* 1/8" hole punch
* ruler
* wire cutters + needle nose pliers

and the how to:

1) create a template for your pennants. mine was 1" long and 1" wide.

2) with your template, trace several little pennants on to different colored scrap leather. you'll need about 10 for your final necklace. then cut them out.

3) using your 1/8" hole punch ... punch tiny holes into the 2 base corners. then lay out your pennants in order.

4) with your wire cutters, needle nose pliers and chain make little chain loops connecting each pennant. {phew - this step is a bit tedious! be forewarned!} i also made a little loop on each of the end pennants and then connect them to the remaining chain.

5) because i didn't have these little brass rounds:

{photo credit: anthropologie}

i made my own with scrap leather. then i varied a little pieces of ribbon (tied with a slip knot) and my makeshift rounds on one side.

6) finally ... i finished it off with a clasp. centering the pennants, rounds and ribbons below.

and voila! my very own "a fine fete" necklace - at about a 10th the cost. (plus enough extra supplies to make a few extras. can you say "christmas gifts!")

for another fun, anthropologie inspired DIY check out bleubird vintage and her doily necklace DIY.

{photo credit: bleubird vintage}


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