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is it too early for christmas lists?

oh probably. but when it's time to send my christmas list to family each year, i always come up empty! it's cold out today which makes me think about christmas and makes me super excited. so ... i'll just call this a "wish list". here are a few things i've fallen in love with lately:

1) these stunning cement pearls from metsa designs found thanks to igobykatie.com:

2) old dress forms - like this one found on will shepherd's etsy page. i've heard that they can also be found on craigslist. another thing to stock on craigslist:

3) jackets ... for lots and lots of layers perfect for brisk walks to work! like these found on modcloth:

4) tall riding boots like these found on jcrew.com! oh don't worry, wade. i won't be spending $300 buckaroos on boots anytime in the near future.

5) classic hemstitch white napkins for our dinner table. i could buy them at pottery barn - but i prefer to find a set at an antique store. i love having things with a previous story.

6) burberry brit cologne. don't you wish you could sample smells through the computer!?! it's just delicious! and i haven't had cologne since we were married ... poor wade.

too bad i already blew my blood money for the month. oh that's right - and it's only the 1st. ha!


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