Test Title 1

eleanor jane - 5 months

mommy is a little late posting this - you keep us very very busy! :)
* side + tummy sleeper (often w/ your face directly into your mattress. let the mommy/daddy heart attack's begin!)
* sitting in your mamas and papas chair
* daddy's girl - he just has to smile or walk into the room to get giggles
* lamb-celot wrestler. you love rubbing his soft side on your face while falling asleep.
* you also rub your hand on mommy while you nurse. sometimes quite violently.
* peekaboo
* 11.5 hours most nights!
* this girl is on a roll (rolling from back to tummy on her left side) = bye bye swaddle (5.28)
* 1st tooth! (6.2)
* 2nd tooth! (6.8)
* you suddenly like tummy time - you do upward dog + "beached whale" (flapping your arms/legs in the air at the same time)
* those eyes are still blue & your hair is a little lighter and slightly red


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