Test Title 1

Eleanor Jane - 4 Months

* you weigh 15lbs 6oz (85%)+  25.5" long (90%)
 * lip chewer = mega drooler (maybe 2 little teeth buds?)
* 1st easter ... spent it in IL with grandma & grandpa vickroy
* giggles when tickled + bounced
* stiff as a board! you're one tough cookie to bend.
* you love your crib music box to soothe you to sleep
* you've rolled from tummy to your back (when you're in the mood - which is rare!)
* you fight naps - either with tears or by slamming your legs into the mattress
* not a night owl. you set your own bedtime btwn 7-7.30
* how did mommy not know about side-lying nursing from day 1?!
mommy can catch up on a little nap while you nurse. and sometimes we both take a little snooze
* after refusing 3 types of pacis - you ♥ philips avent freeflow
* you lift your neck up when on your back
* cow's milk colitis = no dairy for mommy temporarily
* 1st night in your crib (5.5.14)
* houdini has nothing on you! we can't keep you swaddled through an entire night!
* you chose a lovie - lamb-celot!
* your eyes are still blue - just like daddy's


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