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5 Tips to Survive Dinner with a Toddler ... Featuring DairyPure Milk

This post brought to you by DairyPure Milk. The content and opinions expressed below are that of A Case of the Mundays.

Eleanor is 18m old and quickly approaching those dreaded terrible twos. Though tantrums and time outs are par for the course, here are 5 Tips to Survive Dinner with a Toddler:

1. Invite them to the party.
Feeling isolated from the rest of us, Eleanor suddenly refused her highchair. Thankfully, they make booster seats WITH SEAT BELTS. Eleanor proudly joins us in her "big girl chair".

2. Set the clock.
Any later than 6pm, and it's breakdown central. Bump dinnertime up a half an hour. Share a "meal" with your toddler even if you plan to have a grownup meal after bedtime.

3. Limit grazing.
While toddlers need to refuel frequently, practice a set schedule with 3 meals and 2 sit-down snacks. Limit eating on the run so that your child associates eating with sitting at the table.

4. Play with their food.
Group foods together by size & color. Ask questions. Feed each other. And of course, DIP! Eleanor will eat all her pork if allowed to dip it in applesauce!

5. Pour them a glass of DairyPure milk.
Maximize nutrition throughout the day. Even if your toddler tosses all of their food on the floor, count on DairyPure milk to help your toddler sleep soundly throughout the night.


DairyPure milk is the only milk backed by an exclusive 5 Point Purity Promise:
  1. No artificial growth hormones. 
  2. All milk is tested for antibiotics.
  3. Continuously quality tested to ensure purity.
  4. Only from cows fed a healthy diet
  5. Cold shipped fresh from your local dairy.
Starts Pure. Stays Pure. 

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