Test Title 1

Eleanor Jane - 3 Months

 * you are a perfect 1st baby! bc you are so easy & sweet, we look forward to someday having more!
* you and mommy have this nursing thing down.
* sleeping approx 8pm - 5am. almost 9hrs of sleep every night!
* hello, belly button.
* you think mommy & daddy are silly.
you watch us and when we look over to you, you give us big smiles.
* tummy time success. you hold your head up at a 45º angle.
(you scream & scream. not sure if it's joy or "somebody save me")
* you love to stand & straighten your legs. you are a very stiff little lady.
* sleeping in with mommy in mommy & daddy's bed!
* 1st non-well visit to the doctor (3/25/14). mommy thinks milk is too hard for you to digest.
* you have had a really bad rash all month on your face.
could you have mommy's sensitive skin?
* trip to visit great grandma hammond (3/28-30/14)
* chatterbox! you are very expressive - especially with your eyebrows!
* you are a dare devil! you love jumping and flying in the air.
* mommy goes back to work! jenna nannies on tuesdays.
daddy & eleanor spend the day together on thursdays!
* HANDS! you love to eat your delicious hands!
* you have a slight bald spot that has developed in the back of your hair.
* kicking is your favorite!
* daddy calls you (and mommy + hattie) "bear". mommy calls you everything under the sun. but especially "ellen", "ej" & "eleanor".


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