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{nesting} a dresser for baby

i think i've finally entered the nesting stage of this pregnancy. which is a good thing bc we need to get busy! luckily i'm entering it early enough that i can still work around the bump!

over the weekend we finally finished all the messy work in the nursery! super soon wade plans to post about this project! we have to cut and nail up a couple of pieces for the footboard + then paint! maybe this weekend!?! :) life w/o access to 1/5 of the house due to this dirty dirty fireplace excavation has been rough! and worst of all was sanding down the drywall and spackle. good golly - even our closed kitchen cabinets were fair game for dust. :-/

sunday following my first prenatal yoga class (so fun - nashville mommies-to-be check out kali yuga yoga for their next 6 week prenatal session) ... wade and i got in there and CLEANED. we mopped the floor 4x and washed down the walls and all the window and door frames and the chandelier. we still need to wipe down the brick of the fireplace before we seal it. i really should have taken a before and after of the cleaning process alone.

cleaning somehow motivated us though! wade spent the rest of the afternoon reorganizing the pantry. a job well done - and well overdue (could he be nesting too?). and i decided to start painting furniture for the nursery.

wade had this old yellow dresser which needed an update. 

to tell you the truth - it's a pretty rough piece - exposed nails, broken corners. but i think that's part of the charm! i approached him about painting the dresser thinking he might be sensitive bc it was his childhood dresser. turns out he has no idea where it came from. "probably some garage sale find by my mom." you mean - i could have painted it years ago?!

2 coats of annie sloan chalk paint in graphite later ... and i love it!

yes - black (well graphite) in the nursery. you won't believe the color we're painting the walls also! ;-) ... now to find the right knobs.

i think our nursery style has morphed into "french amish farm". haha! are there amish living in france?  *** time for a little google knowledge: the last old order amish settlement in europe (germany to be exact) ceased to exist in 1937 when it merged w/ a local mennonite congregation. there are a number of beachy amish congregations due to missionary outreach (beachy amish = more progressive allowing electricity in the home + automobiles & telephones).

this weekend i hope to start painting the crib and the twin bed that will be in the room! AND i need to start working on christmas gifts. 75 days until christmas. 100 days until baby! hopefully this energy streak will continue!


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