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{nesting} more painting!

this weekend we painted ...

i spent all day saturday painting a twin bed for the nursery. i thought that was a big job ... WRONG. all day sunday was spent painting 2/3rds of the crib. it felt like punishment - crib prison. 2 coats of primer followed by 2 coats of annie sloan old white. my child might be forced to sleep in this crib until he/she moves out.

wade assisted w/ priming the crib. admitting that it was the most miserable job EVER ... he spent the rest of the day painting the nursery. we settled on the same grey tan color as our living room - bc 1/ we found a full can of it in the basement! 2/ it is super similar to restoration hardware graphite (our choice for the nursery).

we were anxious to move in furniture!!! {we're still deciding on final placement for everything.}

of course ... we still have trim to paint AND touch ups to the wall AND touch ups on both pieces of furniture AND a thin coat of annie sloan clear wax on both beds AND finishing work for the fireplace AND shelves to purchase and hang AND storage boxes to make ... AND ohhhhh so much more! i find comfort reminding myself that baby will not care what the nursery looks like!

now off to get some much needed rest!


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