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baby m: weeks 20 + 24

i have no excuse for not blogging! i've been blessed w/ a super easy pregnancy. but i still find that my motivation has waned greatly.  it's official - i've fallen behind again! back this week w/ weeks 20 and 24! 

20 weeks - baby is the size of a banana!

we were able to spend weeks 20 - 22 in HAWAII soaking up the sun & some fabulous family time! my sister lives there w/ her husband and 3 boys. wade and i had planned a little trip before finding out we were pregnant to visit them while daddy is on deployment. it ended up being the perfect babymoon ... aside from the hours and hours of air travel - which proved to be a bit tough at 5m pregnant. (let's face it 9hrs on a plane is tough NOT pregnant.)

when we arrived, leigh gave me this beautiful lei. it was the perfect addition to our 20 week picture. a little hawaiian tradition for you - it is considered taboo to give a closed lei to a pregnant woman.  a closed lei around the neck is bad luck for the unborn child - signifying the umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck.

and now ... 24 weeks - baby munday is the size of an ear of corn!

indian corn from the local pumpkin patch to be exact! the weather has finally cooled just in time for my "big pregnant" months! :) and bc only a profile picture can really reveal how "big pregnant" i'm starting to look/feel ... i gave in. i figured i'd also like a picture or 2 of me pregnant w/ a head. ;)

we opted not to find out if baby munday is a boy or a girl at our 20 week appointment. and we're loving the surprise (plus it helps to register for items that all our future baby mundays can use despite their gender). however - most people are congratulating us on our little "girl". what do you think? looks like a girl to you? it's so funny, every belly is so different.

we're looking forward to spending the fall prepping the nursery for baby (which i plan to share!) and enjoying all sorts of fall activities. GAH - i love fall. anyone up for a bonfire? or maybe a high school football game?


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