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tues-diy: camp pennant party favors

camp isn't official w/o a camp pennant, right!?! so i decided to make each individual camp their own vintage-inspired camp pennant to mark their territory!


here's how i did it:

1 // i cheated and used illustrator to layout each name. a) i set up a file for a 17.5" by 5.5" pennant. b) i created the tents and a "name box" to determine the fit of the name. c) i hid the "name box" and typed out the name in my preferred font. d) i placed the typed name under the "name box" and un-hid it. then using envelope distort, illustrator automatically made each name fit the pennant.
i simplified the printing/cutting process by expanding the object & fill on each word and creating a separate illustrator file with the letters tightly packed together. each name was a different color to avoid confusion. 

that's a lot of illustrator-speak. want a copy of the pdf? email me here.

2 // i pinned and cut each name out. thankfully the olympics were the perfect distraction from this task! i also cut my pennants out of a heavy green felt. and my little tents out of gold and tan felt.

3 // i've never used liquid stitch before (i've always considered it cheating. yes i'm a sewing snob at times), but it was essential for this project. there was no way i was going to stitch each letter and tent on 30-something pennants!

4 // another quick fix! i used my cutting board to cut 1" x 6" strips of fabric. for each pennant i needed 1 strip for the front and 4 strips for the ties (2 sets of 2). i pinned and sewed these in place.

yes - i was a bit too ambitious. but aren't they cute?

a few instagram captures from our campers:

{credit: a. newell, j. wagner, k, pardue & r. willard via instagram}


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