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into the woods ...

over the weekend, we went camping in celebration of wade & my 30th birthdays w/ 42 of our friends. yes - 42!!! i'm so excited to share all about our adventure! i mean - i probably have a good 7 blog posts to share with every little detail! but of course, i should first "invite" you along on our little journey ...

the invitations:

a mini field guide w/ all the necessary details for our trip:

merit badges to be earned:
  • map reading - a map + directions.
  • participation - a tentative schedule of events.
  • camp cooking -  the menu. w+i purchased/prepped all the food ahead of time and each camper brought $10 to pay for their part. that's right $10 for a full weekend of yummy camp food! (next year i'll have to perfect my vegan and vegetarian cuisine as well!)
  • camp making - a guide of what to pack.


everything was packaged neatly together w/ baker's twine and placed in a hand-made craft paper envelope:

think you've seen this before? that would be because i borrowed inspiration from christine & ian's amazing woodland wedding invites featured on oh so beautiful paper. ah-mazing w/ pop-up trees and embossed type, right? sadly my inkjet and exacto knife skills aren't quite up to par. yet still ...

i love how they turned out!

in even more important news ... though we celebrated over the weekend, today is wade's actually birthday. time to head home to celebrate.

{courtesy: reed hummell photography}


Lokie said...

Looks like everything turned out...fun!

Anonymous said...

Great Invites!

Kim Howard

CBond said...

I love these invitations. What fonts did you use and where did you get those tree/camping images? I looked for the wedding invitations but apparently Christine and Ian's tumbler page is no longer up. Would really like to do these myself. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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