Test Title 1

a merit badge in cake decorating ...

today i want to introduce you to cara bella creations. my friend joanna had shauna from cara bella creations make these totally fresh 80s themed cupcakes for her 30th birthday last month. adorable, right? that got my wheels to turning. 1 less task for moi (praise the Lord) and guaranteed cupcake crème de la crème!

camp themed cupcakes? tents? maybe leaves? no ... merit badges!

i created a few simplified merit badges based on vintage boyscout finds on etsy. and then sent them to shauna to work her sweet sugary magic. thankfully i thought to snap a few pictures of them BEFORE arriving at the campsite! they disappeared almost on arrival! :)

are you craving a cupcake as much as i am right now!?!


Shauna Malone said...

Cara Bella Creations thanks you for the opportunity to bring your vision to life.

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