Test Title 1

i spy!

5 things that caught my eye this week:

1 // set of 3 washi tape stamps via memi the rainbow. i love washi tape - i love stamps - best of both worlds!

2 // mint green mini heart earrings via dariami. aren't these tiny polymer clay & copper earrings the sweetest? love them.

3 // spekuloos spread via wafels & dinges. on our way home from ethiopia, wade tried to squeeze in a quick tour of NYC for me. i haven't been there since i was 11. we treated ourselves at the wafels & dinges' food truck in central park to a vanilla/spekuloos waffle cone. spekuloos is a traditional belgian gingerbread-cinnamon cookie that they've made into a yummy spread. (sadly it's not gfree.) but it alone is worth a trip back to the big apple. ooh yum wouldn't that be fun on an apple.

4 // dremu oil via the derm store. okay okay - vegan friends and faint of stomach beware. this is 100% emu oil! (yes emu - the bird native to australia. although this is big trend right now, the aborigines have been using emu oil for years for healing everything from fevers, coughs, arthritic pain to cuts & rashes!). i got a sample in the mail this week w/ my order from the derm store and before i realized what it actually was had already used it twice. so - do i keep using the sample bc i like the results or barf bc i have bird juice on my face?!?

5 // post-it note goal list via cornflower blue studio. CUTE, right? yup definitely on the "to do list: this weekend! i could use a little motivation now that the heat is rising & a summer nap sounds most tempting every afternoon around 2. :)

happy weekend-ing, folks. xo.


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