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winner, winner chicken dinner!

before i share the winner of the lovely dulce necklace giveaway, i just had to share a few of my favorite items currently in the noonday collection spring/summer catalog:
{clockwise from upper left}
 6 // nomadic cuff

i'll have one of each, please! ;)

i already own a necklace (that i basically wear every single day) and one of their tea towels. and i'm so impressed with the quality! my mom was too. both of us are always being invited to those (awkward) jewelry parties. and end up purchasing something simply so that we can get out of there!  well there's no comparison. experience, cost and quality! i love my noonday products - and i love that by buying w/ noonday you're helping artisans all around the world.

okay okay - getting to the good stuff:


i'll be contacting you within the next couple of days so we can coordinate shipping!

thank you everyone that participated! and a big thanks to noonday ambassador mary over at sugar mountain for hosting such an awesome giveaway! love you!!!


charlotteturtle said...

Yay! I can't wait to wear it!!!!

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