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this week ...

last week wade and i ran around like crazy people. we had dinner w/ friends on tuesday, weds, friday, saturday & sunday. in between, i started back to pottery class, worked a world vision event & lead children's worship. wade ran a 5k & had several meetings. it was a whirlwind. and ultimately a great week!

of course - after all that, i lacked some serious blog motivation & motivation around the house. inspired by cornflower blue studio's rotating goal list - i've decided to start sharing my goals each week ... some blog related and some purely for myself.

last night i started on the list by baking my very first loaf of gfree bread! when i was home back in april, i borrowed my mom's bread machine. it had been stored away in the basement for a while - and needed some TLC. may & june slipped away from us - ethiopia and all! so finally over the weekend i cleaned her up and gave it a go! 

i used gluten-free goddess' delicious gluten free bread recipe. sadly - it looks nothing like the pictures and it's a little more dense than i prefer! :) it does taste pretty yummy though - a suitable recipe title. time to make some tweaks and do some research. if at first you don't succeed ... try try again!

what's on your goal list for the week?


Bonnie said...

your goal list is adorable! i definitely checked out the link to cornflower blue. did you make the graphic yourself on your computer?? (photoshop?) if so, great skills!

Blair Munday said...

hey bonnie! i did. :) a little sharpie/scanner/illustrator action. think i'll try to illustrate a little header each week. thanks!

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