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packing for ethiopia!

r: pretty printed wrap skirts from one of my fav shops in nashville - pangaea

it's almost go time, people! we leave for ethiopia a week from tomorrow. and while wade is traveling this week, i've begun to get ready!

i tend to be a bit of an over-packer. and that's a wee bit of a problem when we're not only packing for ourselves but also soccer balls & craft supplies for the awassa children's project. and since i had a bit of a tough time finding a good packing list for a trip to ethiopia - i decided to share! (world travelers - i'd appreciate your suggestions/additions!)

the important stuff:
passport, yellow card, traveler’s checks and cash
plus photocopies of the following (1 for our money belt, 1 for our luggage & 1 for our parents):
- traveler’s check #s + refund info
- travel insurance policy
- passport #s
- emergency contact info
- bank/cc details
- camera + lens serial #s

a small medical pack: 
tylenol, hydro-cortisone cream, anti-histamine, malaria meds, imodium, dramamine, bandaids, hand sanitizer/wet-wipes, cipro, chap-stick

soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrush, razor, mosquito repellent w/ DEET (to be warn at all times), 50 SPF sunscreen (also to be warn at all times), light makeup and lotion

clothes (warm days/cool nights):
lightweight skirts or pants (i plan to wear a lot of wrap skirts!), modest short sleeve shirts (no cleavage!), a pair of underwear for each day, a few light sweaters (easy to pack and useful during cold nights), light waterproof jacket, comfy shoes (i'm thinking a simple pair of toms! easy to slip on and light to pack), head scarf, flip flops, a few pairs of socks, a swimsuit and a hat

money belt, travel lock (for inside the hotel), camera + xtra digital cards, small flashlight/headlamp (power outages are rather common!), sunglasses, converter, phone charger, book, playing card, binoculars & ziplock bags (for xtra storage & separating your toiletries. spills - yuck!)

{we picked up a spibelt during our marathon training which will
work perfectly as a money belt under either of our shirts. smart thinking!}

we're still gathering up lots and lots of supplies for the kiddos: crayons/markers, construction paper, paper plates and more. and i'm excited to throw an african themed party this thursday with some of my girlfriends to make more bracelets! i'll post pictures. now to find some african themed appetizers!


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