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african-themed food labels

tonight i'm throwing a little get together w/ a group of girls to celebrate our big trip next week. we're going to eat yummy african appetizers (don't worry - i'll share soon!), watch either ghost in the darkness or nowhere in africa AND we'll make bracelets for the kids.

my mom warned me to not get to OCD in my party planning - but who is she kidding!?! in another life - i'd like to be an event planner. :)

as a little preview - here are some quick african-themed food labels i designed:

(oh instagram photo!)

someone w/ adobe illustrator
6" kabob skewers
something to sturdy your skewers (ie. gumdrops, cork or clay)

1 // modify ... in illustrator, open the file and modify the labels to fit your menu! choose your colors. red, black, yellow and green are often associated w/ africa. but i went neon & PINK instead of red! girls' night and all!
2 // print ... i used hp premium photo paper in gloss for that extra finished look.
3 // cut ... you can either use the guides to cut out 2.5"x3" squares or carefully cut a border around the edges.
4 // tape or glue ... to the back of your skewer.
5 // add your something sturdy so that they stand (or press them directly into your item).

easy peasy! :)

a little update: i was having trouble getting these to stay up w/ just corks. a little super glue and a nickel did the trick. is that illegal?!?


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