Test Title 1

snow days!

not in nashville, of course. where we apparently no longer have seasons! um - please don't be teasing me, spring. 65º and sunny in february!

w + i spent the weekend w/ 20 rowdy kids from calvin house ministries. we enjoyed a day of skiing and 3 days retreating @ lake junaluska, nc. needless to say - today i'm pooped! i hit my snooze alarm a whopping 10x this morning. that has to be a record.

{my small group girls + raven}

hopefully i can muster up a little energy tonight to unpack. :)
until then - hope you had a great weekend.

want to help send my girls to camp? we're running a half marathon to raise money for camp scholarships. email me {click here} for details!


Lokie said...

Cute! Ok, now I need to know who's who.

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