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my valentine: part 2

 part 2 - at last. yesterday was a ridiculously busy day. a ton of work deadlines. car was back at the shop. a late lunch w/ one of my high school girls. followed by more work deadlines and an after work run. but before valentine's day is too far behind us, one more post!

each of us bought the other person flowers: 

and planned a little something handmade:

for my love ... if you know me personally (or heck blog-ally) for very long, you'll know that i'm a budget stickler. and it's annoying at times ... ask wade. so i made him a set of word picture date coupons. if he could guess them - he got to keep them! ... and best - the dates are OFF THE BUDGET!

any guesses?

bell + cork - k + t =                 p + buckets - b =
a date to the belcourt, a day trip to leiper's fork, tn
the indie theatre in our neighborhood lunch @ pucket's grocery store
from my love ... wade wrote me a poem! and he agreed to me sharing it w/ you all.

adventures with hippopotamuses

   i stood by cedars on an old gravel road,
   at first light, in tennessee, when the livestock stuttered
   above the dewy grass.

   i fell in with them; they were all i knew,
   a bucolic world across a broken fence.

   beyond a horizon thistles grew.

   my eyes were opening.

   share with me adventures.

   from your porch stoop in illinois,
   a place defining, sublime.

   two children tearing off wild,
   laughing mad,
   through a world of dancing stars and hippopotamuses.

   find us a place of wildness.
   let us wonder where we went. 

i love it! and once again - can't wait to surprise you all with some fun adventure news in a few weeks. until then ... hippopotamuses?!? ;)


Bethany said...

I LOVE Puckett's! What a great gift!

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