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february 23rd ...

last night w + i rented moneyball - a film about the oakland athletics and general manager billy beane's successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players. today would have been my grandpa's 89th birthday. i can't help but think how much he would have loved that movie.

wade once said to me, "i wish i had met your grandpa. it's evident what a solid man he was by how much he still is present when your family gets together."  he loved baseball. he loved his old leather recliner. he loved the walk to check his po box every day. he loved bobby kennedy + the rest of the democratic party. and most of all he loved his family.

a few other things that would have made my grandpa, haven hammond smile ...

(clockwise from upper left)

1 // grandpa was full of silly sayings. this was one of my favorites.

2 // grandpa was the biggest chicago cubs fan around. and we were raised to be the same. someday i hope my dad can take our little ones to wrigley to watch a game just like i did w/ grandpa. in the meantime, i think i need this vintage inspired tshirt by adidas.

3 // aren't these po box piggy banks via appalachian craftsmen on etsy cool? grandpa was the postmaster in martinsville, il for many years. and after he retired, my grandparents sold brookfield uniforms. i still have a brookfield pencil & notepad or two around the apartment.

4 // not gonna lie, my grandpa sang this song "he'll have to go" even prettier than jim reeves. okay, i might be biased. but he had a beautiful voice.

5 // yes - that's pert plus! :) i can't remember if it was christmas or his birthday, but one year that's all he asked for! he loved his pretty soft hair!

6 // grandpa was a member of the us navy where he served along w/ his good friend bobby kennedy. i'll have to find the picture of their class together. wouldn't this wool sailor's cap via dusty attic treasures on etsy be fun to have.


Blaire said...

Hello Blair, it seems you had a very nice relationship with your granddad. I wish I knew more about my Granddad, he was loving but he defiantly saw black and white in the world and he stuck to them through and through. I think that is the thing I remember most about him.

Lokie said...

You always make me smile. :)

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