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satur-DIY: love necklace

since i had extra wire left over from ispydiy's adorable heartbeat necklace diy earlier this week, i set out to find a few add'l wire-inspired projects. i happened upon the lovely thread-wrapped sentiment necklace available @ anthropologie:


and decided to make my own!

supplies: 20 gauge wire, chain, lobster clasp, 5 jump rings, 2 shades of embroidery thread,
round tip pliers, and wire cutters (+ a little mod podge or glue)

1 // starting at the beginning of your wire, use the tip of your needle nose pliers to bend the wire to create the word "love". make sure to make a loop at the top of your "l" and at the end of the tail of your "e". clip excess to finish.

2 // attach your embroidery thread inside the top loop of your "l" with a tight knot.

3 // wrap the embroidery thread around the wire tightly until you reach the end of the "e". this will take some time - and so rotating in your hand. i tucked the excess from my knot along the beginning of the "l" and wrapped the excess + wire together. for the left side of the "v", wrap the thread around both pieces of wire so that they are together. knot tightly at the end of the "e" and clip.

4 // use a little glue or mod podge, to secure the loose ends on the "e" and the double looped portion of the "v" if you'd like.

5 // with your additional color of embroidery thread. create a 1" loop around your finger. clip excess. use your needle nose pliers to wrap 1 of your jump rings around your loop.

6 // use additional thread to wrap around the top of the 1" loop near your jump ring to create your tassel. tie a tight knot - and clip excess. again you can use a little mod podge or glue to secure loose ends. clip the other end of the loop and separate the ends of the embroidery thread. tassel finished!

7 // measure your chain. the anthropoligie version comes w/ a 34" chain. i made mine shorter - bc i'm more likely to wear it layered w/ other short charm necklaces. once you have your chain measured use the wire cutters to cut the chain in half. add your lobster claw to the end of one piece of chain + a jump ring to the end of the other piece of chain. 

8 // attach each chain with a jump ring @ the beginning of your "l" and end of your "e". also attach your tassel to the end of the "l".

that's it!!! now wear and enjoy.


Inspire Me Heather said...

Oh gosh, that is just so sweet!

Justine @ Urban Scarlet said...

ah! i am seriously in LOVE with that necklace (no pun intended, hah). you did an absolute job... so good in fact, that i want one. HAH! so happy to have found your blog. totally up my alley! - your newest follower :)

Ana said...

That is so creative!!! I loove it!! I don't usually wear necklaces but I would totally wear that!! Love your blog...


Janice said...

Hi! I stumbled up on your blog on the Love Comment Challenge and I'm glad I did!
I'm loving your creativity and designs - you make it look so easy! I've never been a crafty person, but I'm feeling slightly inspired!
Thanks for sharing :)

The Sugar Mountain said...

Hey chica, head over to my blog! The winner picked you as the second winner. xo

Blair Munday said...

thanks ladies. i've worn my necklace pretty much all week. such a cute piece. excited to make a few more! :)

@ mary - yahoo! heading over now!

Cindy said...

This is great! I could see more necklaces with words like HOPE or LAUGH or JOY, etc. I love it!

Blair Munday said...

ooh ooh ooh - doing this, cindy! thanks. AND maybe a little giveaway. DIY wheels turnin! :)

jessica rogers said...

this is great! i love it. i am definitely going to have to make this.


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