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my week: 3 random things

1 // it's officially office makeover day! and it's been a heck of a week preparing for the big day. we are allowed to leave our computers, phones + furniture in our offices, but everything else must be out. a little spring cleaning - aka excellent opportunity to purge 7 years of collected junk. while i'm pretty excited about new carpet, new paint (i went w/ donnegal) + organized cabinets, i'm most excited to have the wires rerouted & no longer a tripping hazard across the middle of my floor! it's the little things. i might even ask them to install a window. okay - a girl can dream!

2 // have you signed up for february's 31 days to a better photo challenge? yesterday's challenge was to get cozy w/ your camera manual. that's a big ol' 1 day challenge ... i made it about 1/2 way through the book. pretty excited w/ all that i'm learning. not gonna lie - there was a highlighter involved. and this thing is thorough. ie. "when operating the diopter adjustment control with your eye to the viewfinder, be careful not to put your fingers or fingernails in your eye." why thank you, nikon.

2 // running has majorly taken a toll on my crafting ... which has majorly taken a toll on my blogging. i get home from a long day @ work, run ... and then CRASH! last night i found enough energy to recreate i spy diy's heartbeat necklace. easy peasy - and adorbs. in fact, i made a few add'l necklaces for my sisters/sister-in-laws. they're going to love them! isn't it fun getting unexpected presents in the mail?

 your turn - your week in 3 random things. go!


Remy Hadley said...

Thanks for letting us know not to shove our fingers in our eye, Nikon. -laughs- Want to cuddle with that tea!!

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