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hello, friends

it's makeover week at the office. i was scheduled to be out of the office monday through wednesday. i had a photo shoot scheduled for both tuesday and wednesday and fittings all day monday - so the makeover schedule fit my schedule perfectly. of course, now it's thursday and they haven't even started on my office. womp womp. good things are worth the wait, right?

speaking of waiting ... i've been waiting patiently all week to get a new pair of boots in the mail. my old boots had sprung a leak and i'd found boots @ target - remember? they're awesome but super tough. i wanted something a bit feminine as well. i found these lovelies within my budget at UO:

ecote stallion leather boot - an urban outfitters exclusive
$89.99 online
{$59.99 if you find them in stores + they can order your size online!}

"boots with the spurs" (sung to the tune of flo-rida's "boots wit da fur"). aren't the cute? i bought the brown - but was so so so tempted to go back and buy them in grey/black as well. instead i will pray they continue to be available until i have replinished clothes funds in march.

on a side note: you know how there's the kid on christmas morning that enjoys the box more than the toy that came in it? i have pretty big plans for the box these lovelies came in as well. the DIY wheels are a turnin'.

i've missed you all this week! how's life? how's your "31 days to a better photo" challenge coming along? click here to send me your progress reports! :)


Blaire said...

I love the boots. I have had my favorite boots for years... but I am always tempted to buy new ones. Shoes, books and bags are my weakness but books and coffee get the most of my budget. Good luck on remodeling.

Ana said...

I absolutely dig those boots!!! I have been looking for my books for a while... but since we moved they have been missing! :( I might have to start shopping for some soon! I bet your office makeover is going to be totally worth the wait!!! :)

Maeg said...

I love these! Congrats on a good boot find. I recently took my favorite pair in for a new zipper at the cobbler shop...because when you have the right pair it's just so worth it! xo

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