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my week: 3 random things

i dropped by the office just now and there's paint on the walls! :) hooray. i am pretty excited to see it finished. they've promised me that i'll be back in the office monday morning. until then - i leave you with another 3 random things for this week:

1 // the super bowl was almost a full week ago and i never shared my cookies! i found then modified the yummiest gfree sugar cookie recipe. i'll make valentine's cookies and share the recipe next week, promise! {i don't mean to be a tease, i just don't have the recipe on me at this time.} in my own opinion, the cookies turned out as adorable as they were yummy ...

{our failed attempt to put a helmet on chris}

2 // speaking of failed photography attempts ... how's everyone doing on the "31 days to a better photo" challenge? we're 10 days in (get it - it's february 10th) but you're not too late to catch up. link up your test shoots @ the bottom of this post! i've concluded 2 things: 1// i really want this 50mm lens. 2 // i need to find a model as my pics have been pretty lame thus far. of course, not too lame to share:

{larger aperture - f/3.5}

{smaller aperture - f/22}

3 // last but not least, remember that box my boots came in?

well ... it's no longer a box. a little chop chop here and there, a few jumbo paper clips and it's my fancy schmancy new fabric organizer:

though the rest of the closet needs a lot of prayer, one shelf down! here's the before and after:



share your "31 days" progress! 
link to your aperture experiment post specifically (not your entire blog!).


ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post! def a gr8 organization tip!!


lauraborealis said...

I've updated my blog. Not sure how to link it above like you did.


EvaMae said...

That is a brilliant idea...especially for scrap fabric!

lauraborealis said...

Blair, that 50mm lens is totally worth the purchase. If Nikon makes a 1.4 I'd splurge and pay the extra money for it instead of getting the 1.8. I hear the 1.8 is very toyish and plastic. 1.4 is better quality and if you intead to get a number of years of use out of it the 1.4 is a better way to go. It's a little strange to use at first if you are used to a zoon lens (I was using a 17-85mm) and I felt like I was so zoomed in to everything. It can be a little hard to use in small spaces if you want to take pictures of a room or people, you have to get way back to get everything in. It's a great portrait lens though, and you're right, the bokeh is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing some more of your photos in the coming weeks...What lens are you using now?

The Sugar Mountain said...

Umm holy pastry chef!!! Geez girl!!

Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

i love this idea for fabric! I am gonna have to do that myself. Also, the cookies were da bomb ! :)

Anonymous said...

So funny. I saw on another site these white boards you can buy to organize fabric and I though about all of the boxes sitting around and did the same as you. Love it!

Blair Munday said...

i saw those too! and thus found a cardboard box! happy organizing!

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