Test Title 1

i'm back!

well - mostly!

new paint - √
new carpet - √
rerouted wires - √
window - okay okay ... i get it. the request was a bit out of the budget. ha.

i'm loving the new color. happy place! would you believe i picked the boldest color in the office!?! corporate people are sooo boring! ;)

currently, my cabinet doors are MIA (showing how completely disorganized i really am at the office) and i need to decide which projects to display, but we're getting there!  i'm 99% sure i want to paint the black angled portion of my built-in w/ black chalkboard paint. what do you think, should i commit?

tomorrow i'm excited to share a little valentine project i participated in. see you soon!


Staci @ My Friend Staci said...

Wish I could pick my office's color! I am in early 2000's "tasteful purple" zone!

Looks GREAT! Chalkboard paint will be awesome! Make sure to use a roller not a brush for best results :)

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