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tues-DIY: my funny valentine ...

i participated in a super cute blog valentine swap via blogger friend charlotte. each participant was given the name + address of another. then w/ only the direction to "create a valentine. make it pretty", we each made and mailed a special valentine to our partner.

so how do you create a valentine for someone you don't know personally!?! well you blog stalk, of course. :) my partner was jaclyn journey a wedding/event planner from louisville, kentucky. check out her beautiful work - here.

state pride is the thang right now! i wanted to give a gift that keeps on giving ... so i created a stationary set for jaclyn to spread a little kentucky love:

follow along to make your own:

* cardboard/cardstock
* add'l scrapbook paper
* scissors
* glue

for the cards:

1 // cut your cardboard or cardstock to size. my cards were 7" h x 5" w folded in half to be 3.5"h x 5" w.

2 // cut out your states. rather than trace or free hand the state of kentucky, i opened this free vector map in illustrator and resized the state to fit. note to self: if you're tracing on the reverse side of your cardstock, be sure to trace your state w/ wrong side out - or you'll end up with a backwards state! :)

3 // cut out your hearts.

4 // glue your states + hearts to your cards. press to dry. easy-peasy!

for the envelopes:

1 // i cheat! find another envelope that fits your cards.

2 //  open it along glued seams.

3 // trace and cut on your decorative cardstock. glue along seams! that's it.

of course ... i couldn't just send stationary - i wrote jaclyn a special little kentucky poem:

thankfully she has a sense of humor! ;)

happy valentine's day, lovelies. xo.


charlotteturtle said...

Thanks for being a part of the project! These cards are great for any occasion! So cute!

Kristen said...

I swear, could you be any more craftier? Love it! PS: we need to see each other soon! Happy Valentine's Day my love!

averie said...

Ahh these are AWESOME!!!! What a great idea, so so so cute!!

Jaclyn Journey said...

Loved it!!! Thank you :)

oh, lovely day! said...

i am lovin' the state pride! and what a wonderful way to share the love!
thanks for sharing(:

Andrea B said...

I'm from Louisville, too, so this seems extra special to me. Happy Valentine's!

The Sugar Mountain said...

This is so flipping adorable!!! You are the craftiest!

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