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my week: 3 random things

1 // we're still running a whole lot. today a group met @ the donut den in town. the plan: run an easy 3m & then eat donuts! well all except me. :( the ONLY thing i really miss since going gfree is definitely donuts. so this weekend, i'm determined to make my own! lots and lots of inspiration online:

{clockwise from left}

i'm pretty determined to create my own little recipe - including all my favorite gfree flours: sweet rice, tapioca and of course oat flour. will share!

2 // confession: i've fallen behind on the "31 days to a better photo" challenge. i promise to catch up over the weekend. then we'll link up again on monday! want to know what's been wasting my time? my new iphone. totally addicted to the nerdiest app ever - the ancestry.com app.

seriously though! so far i've found out that my great great great grandpa francis m. hardway had 8 sisters and 7 brothers ... oh and possibly an illegitimate daughter. oh and my great great great great great grandpa jurge hartweg was born in germany. he changed the name to hardway upon settling in virginia. yup i'm totally addicted!

3 // i went ahead and made a printable 8x10 of my grandpa's saying. i printed a copy for myself yesterday and will definitely share as soon as i find the perfect place for it in the apartment. in the meantime, enjoy (family!):

{click above to download}

hope to be back to my normal blogging self by next week! :)
have a great one, friends.


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