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work attire ...

wade's office might be getting a dress code. a dress code, people - blah!

wade's in non-profit. i am thankfully in the music business ... where there's quite a bit more freedom. however lately i've been wondering if i could possibly earn a bit more respect around the office if i dressed a bit less like a kid, yo. i've gotten so stressed over work attire at times that i've envied my friends that are required to wear uniforms to work. ha. yup. i've been thinking about it so much ... i had an anxiety dream last night that the office no longer allowed JEANS. gah.

what would life be like w/o jeans?

a challenge i'm willing to accept ... at least w/in the workplace. in fact, i've committed to purchasing a dress or skirt per paycheck for the next few months to build my jean-less wardrobe (within the "blair's clothes" perimeters of our budget of course).

here's what i have my eye on:

1 // pretty lace dresses, dark tights and t-strap heels ... via asos
2 // oversized cardigans + polka dots ... via sunday crossbow
3 // more lace & herringbone (in fact any mixed textures) ... via sidewalk ready

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vivagood said...

Let me know if/where you find some awesome non-jean pants. I've been on a hunt for the past year! I can't seem to find anything I like other than jeggings and leggings. I feel like I used to find cute pants all the time! Le sigh.

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