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oh pretty: antique heart locket

when i was in the 4th grade i won a bicycle during a raffle at the martinsville agricultural fair. i was winner! it felt amazing. i couldn't wait to ride my brand new bike to school. free at last. and wouldn't you know it ... somebody stole it within the week. boo, bad people.

it might have taken 20 years ... but i won again! this time a sweet little antique locket from erin antiques hosted on one of my favorite blogs my best friend jules:

don't worry friends ... erin has so many other pretties available just in time for valentine's day. a few of my favorites:

SALE //// vintage 1980s / 9k gold heart signet ring // LOVE ME SALE /// vintage 1970s / gold etched locket // SWEET HEART

now to decide what picture to put in my pretty little locket!

blackjack - dafont
aw conqueror inline - font squirrel
blog bling - pugly pixel


Torie said...

Cute! Congratulations on winning again! It always feels good. (I'm in your boat, I swear I never win anything!)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Such a gorgeous locket! You are one lucky winner! Can't wait to check out Erin's blog! Congratulations!


my best friend jules said...

Oh yay! You received it already :) It's looking super cute on you! :)
xxx mervi

Murano Glass Collection said...

It's so hard to find these jewelry today. I want to own one actually but I want it given....

Anonymous said...


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