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pottery 101 (part 2)

i didn't sleep very well last night ... 

i'm 3 weeks into my second pottery class. this session, i've decided to spend class time throwing on the wheel (because mama needs lots of practice!), which means i'm bringing all my hand building projects home as homework. i've spent my week nights (my usual DIY time) working carefully on little hand-built projects. (poor kitchen - turned workshop.) my latest piece is a primitive candle holder centerpiece for our kitchen table.

last night i went to check in on it ... and there it was - A HAIRLINE CRACK! gah - and after approx 4hrs of work!?! beginner's error - the crack is most likely bc i left the pot unwrapped allowing it to dry too quickly. what a bummer. so - yes though my teacher has warned me not to get too connected to my pottery ... i didn't sleep very well last night.

i'm still going to try to recover my piece ... in fact, i stayed up really late googling possible fixes. a little score and slip action + a thin layer of moist newspaper might do the trick (fingers crossed). "i'll never let go, jack."

in the meantime, here are a few add'l projects from my first pottery class that i forgot to share:

top left // a tiny creamer for our kitchen table. if anything - my first round of pottery was excellent glazing practice. (obviously) i'm a fan of light blue/greens, greys and whites. primitive + natural.

top right // my little pinch pot turned nest ... a perfect little bowl for my wedding rings.

bottom // i shared the before version of my berry bowls (click here) ... but they are so much cuter w/ glaze. i plan make more and give them as gifts this year.

now to find new inspiration ...


Alycia said...

i love the berry bowls! what a great idea :)

oh that's just PEACHY! said...

I love those Berry bowls! Do you mind sharing where you take your classes? I've always wanted to learn to spin pottery!

Blair Munday said...

thanks ladies. i take through metro parks in nashville. it's only $85 buckaroos for approx 12 weeks of class. cheap fun!

Moe said...

Um are you kidding! Those berry bowls are perfect! You did a great job. I am currently in a pottery class too...so I feel you when you do work & then there's a crack!

Happy Wednesday!

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