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{ PINspired }

still feeling under the weather (though i did stay up much later than my husband) last night. so instead ... i thought i'd share a little {PINspired} project that i finished a few weeks ago but only last weekend finally got around to hanging in our home.

today's {PINspiration}: these adorable mason jar/pipe clamp projects are so popular right now!

 {source: 1 // the cutting edge of ordinary, 2 // pinterest, 3 // not just a housewife, 4 // old new again on etsy}

instead of using a mason jar - i decided to use a pipe clamp, an old piece of crown molding from the preservation station + a soap dispenser (from target) we received for our wedding. before the soap dispenser awkwardly sat on our pedestal sink - occasionally falling off the edge - and thankfully not shattering. unfortunately we couldn't hang the piece of molding bc of the tile. so i improvised! i drilled a couple of holes and laced it with a piece of ribbon to hang from our mirror. 

of all the inspiration i've found - my ultimate favorite is the hanging garden by not just a housewife. we have a million katrillion mason jars from our wedding last year. someday i will create a little hanging herb garden w/in our kitchen ... someday when 2/3rds of the walls in our kitchen aren't windows! which is your favorite?

and here's a little bonus {PINspired} project i did earlier this summer and never got around to sharing. i found the spice jars at a little antique shop. speaking of herbs, how cute are these little tea tin planters by larking about on flickr? yup! doing this.

{PINspiration}                                                     {PINspired}
{left source: martha stewart}

wade said yesterday that i was making too many pinterest puns. sorry, peeps. i'll try to limit it to only my {PINspired} posts. ha ha.


Natasha in Oz said...

I love your Pinspirational post! You are so clever making the things that you have pinned. The tins look wonderful!

If you have time to stop by my blog I am hosting my weekly Pinterest linky party and I would be honoured if you could link up this fabulous post. I have also created a "Pinning Bloggers Master List" that you might be interested in joining!

Best wishes and happy pinning,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks @natasha! :)

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