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{ whatever wednesday } 5 completely random things ...

1 // pretty excited about an upcoming "a case of the mundays" photo shoot and surprise extra $$ just in time to prepare. now it's time to get inspired. any suggestions!?!

 {source: (left) 1 // celebrity wallpaper , 2 // veronica caycedo, 3 // we heart it
(right) 1 // dia living, 2 // geronimo balloons}

2 // it's pretty common to have an ex boyfriend that's a lawyer or maybe a factory worker or maybe a teacher ... but how many can claim to have an ex that's a youtube legend. {both thumbs to self} this girl. have you heard the one about the guy who sounds (and looks) just life freddie mercury? oh hey - i used to date him. {my one claim to fame?}

very thrilled for, marc & his wife crystal. and pretty excited to see what's next for them (and his bandmates from downhere). only slightly jealous - having heard that he's going to be on ELLEN next monday! SAY WHAT!?! i love me some ellen. click here to find out when the show airs in your part of the world. and maybe TiVo it for us?
3 // it occurred to me last night that i'm gone EVERY weekend in october. yikes!

the rundown:
10/1 - an overnight trip to wade's hometown for a wedding
10/8 - that anniversary trip i mentioned to jonesborough, tn
10/15 - the first annual "mundays on the mountain" camping trip
10/22 - a quick trip home to visit my parents and celebrate my grandma's birthday in illinois
10/29 - w & my first trip to new orleans just in time for voodoo fest

wow - exhausting just typing all that. there will be lots and lots to blog about ... but little time to just breath. just a forewarning, things might get a bit crazy.

4 // @giveit2goodwill tweeted about some little his/hers lamps at to catch a thrift this am. so i decided to check it out. the lamps are cute ... but people - this is genius:

part 1 ... an excuse to party: start the night by rocking your favorite thrifted 80s piece - and of course big hair, bright makeup and 3" thick shoulder pads.

part 2 ... an excuse to craft: end the night by updating everyone's look from the 80s to the now. the girls of to catch a thrift cut off sleeves, raised hems, even wore items inside out - check it out here.

so much fun. and i might just have crafty enough girlfriends to pull this off!?! who's with me? hmmm ... considering #3 - now to find the perfect time.

5 // i've been battling an earache/headache for over a week now. and have been on antibiotics and this thang just won't give. so instead of being creative last night - i went to bed. ho hmm. promise some fresh creativity soon! xo.


HANNA {the contented soul} said...

William and I were going to go to New Orleans for our 2nd anniversary (Oct 10), but alas...low fundage is getting in the way of that plan. I hope you have a great time!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oh boo. sorry to hear this. wade was going to have to visit n.o. for work, and luckily i get to tagalong. we're def saving every penny too. ps - that fabric bangle you posted on friday - SICK!!! i need to make one asap.

AmberLeigh said...

I just moved back from New Orleans to my hometown. If you need any suggestions on things to see, places to eat, etc. I can give you some local suggestions! Otherwise, enjoy voodoo fest. City Park is beautiful.

Annika said...

Have a great time on all your trips! Hope you feel better in time!

A Sweet Release

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

oh thanks, @amberleigh. i'll keep that in mind. as i mentioned in my comment before, we're traveling for wade's work --- so we will be seeing a lot of hotels. ha. but that means free food! will let you know if i have free time to fill.

thanks @annika.

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