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{hello munday} + happy labor day!

hello lovelies ...

w + i were on a quest to find wifi and a cup of joe this am. finally at stop #3 w/ little line and plenty of plugins ... i realized that i forgot my camera card. so updates on our fantastic labor day weekend thus far will have to wait. in the meantime ... another {hello munday}. xo.

wear // this pretty pretty floral scarf - thanks to this lovely diy via cotton & curls.

{click to create!}

make // this felt rosette wreath by little things bring smiles. hello fall - it's 72 in nashville today. officially time for fall decor? sure pal!

covet // the fantastic boots available at anthropologie this fall. you know their fantastic when your hubs mentions them. yup ... covet.

{click to covet}

win // this awesome blog makeover giveaway on my best friend jules. i really shouldn't advertise this giveaway as well ... i want to win! but you must check out this blog - a new love. hurry hurry my friends - giveaway ends on weds 9/7. 


smile // i am loving this little quote (though a little embarrassed that it's from how i met your mother). after a somewhat dreary weekend and w/ the expectation of more drear to come (it rains nearly all winter in nash) ... i might just need the reminder:

when i get sad, i stop being sad and be awesome instead.

... ah ha the internet has decided to be a booger. i think that's my sign that it's time to enjoy the day. hope you all have today off of work as well and make the most of it.


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