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{30 before 30} gfree gnocchi ... take 1

i've definitely missed pasta since going gluten free - and poor wade has had to tag-along on my gfree adventure. there are several rice pasta substitutes that we're getting somewhat used to. but we haven't found a gluten free gnocchi and well - as wade's ultimate favorite food, gnocchi is a must! i decided to add "4 // learn how to make homemade gluten free gnocchi" to my {30 before 30} challenge in his honor.

the schedule was finally clear last night so i took on the task ...

* i boiled the potatoes in their skins in salted water until they were nearly falling apart.

* i drained the potatoes.
* i let them cool just enough so that they could be handled.
* i carefully peeled each potato w/ the edge of my spoon.
* i mashed and mashed and mashed until smooth

* i stirred in 1 egg and add'l salt.
* i kneaded the dough w/ flour until it was smooth & slightly sticky.
* i cut the dough into quarters & the quarters into quarters.
* i rolled each quarter into a long 1" rope.
* i cut the rope into walnut sized pillows.
* i pressed each pillow w/ the back of a fork for perfect ridges.

at last ... time to cook the gnocchi!

* i boiled another pot of water & added my little prides & joys.
* i waited for the little gnocci to float & let cook an add'l 2 minutes.

... and THEN i discovered the most delicious ... mashed potatoes. :(

* i exclaimed "ah ha! i shall make baked gnocchi".

w/ the look of defeat in my eye and a serious rumble in the stomach, wade and i reluctantly tried our "baked gnocchi".

more like twice baked potatoes. boo hiss. and that my darlings is why gluten free gnocchi is a part of my {30 before 30} CHALLENGE ... emphasis on challenge.

i've done a bit of research on what went wrong: one site says NEVER boil your potatoes. bake them instead so that there isn't so much moisture in the potatoes. another said boil them but not as long as i boiled them. another called for a completely different potato to egg ratio. and yet another said something about the "gluten" solidifying the potato (however i thankfully found this little gfree blog which has had success!)

incredibly thankful that i hadn't invited anyone else over to try my masterpiece!

i did however have much more success w/ kelleigh of kelleigh ratzlaff design's cash envelope diy. so long boring ol' white envelopes. well other than wade's specific envelopes. would you believe he didn't want me to makeover his enveloped. ;)


Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

LOVE how your envelopes turned out!! Glad you had so much success!! I have to say that I really, really, really wish that your gnochi had turned out! I made some back when I was a newlywed, and it was a major pain (and not gf). I am inspired, though! If you ever do figure it out, let me know!!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

hey kelleigh ... thanks for the fantastic diy + template. very happy w/ my envelopes as well. now to stick w/ them!!! :) there will be a round two for gnocchi. once i build my patience back ...

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