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{30 before 30} my first pottery class

i finally had my first pottery class last night. and to tell you the truth folks ... i was super nervous. {the idea of going back to school (even just extracurricular) makes me nervous.} day 1 // "becoming one w/ the clay". we created coils and other designs and pressed them into pots and onto molds:

those that finished early made pinch pots. my pinch pot definitely reminded me that i'm a beginner - stay humble (and my unzipped fly for half the class was just an added bonus!)  random pottery fact for you: clay shrinks on average 10% during the drying process. and so i wait impatiently until next week to see exactly what becomes of "the great brain" ...

thankfully ... i loved the instructor & his very laid back method of teaching. and i'm pretty excited that his plan is to teach us a techniques in the first few lessons and then let us bring in inspiration and go to town! very fun.

and so ... a little inspiration:

{source: 1 // hideminy ceramics , 2 // anthropologie, 3 // anthropologie, 4 // tasha mckelvey, 5 // inkypots, 6 // anthropologie}

oh hey. we've been under construction. a brand new, much cleaner blog is in the works. thanks for your patience. xo.


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