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{30 before 30} my birthday challenge

so yup ... it's my birthday! w + i are headed to grand rapids, michigan for the coast guard festival this weekend and more importantly to celebrate the recent nuptials of our friends taylor and reid. but before we go, i'm kicking off a BIG OL' challenge for the last year of my 20s ...

my 30 before 30 list:

1 // finish our wedding book!
2 // be able to do 15 of those special pushups where you hold plank and touch your knee to your shoulder in between ... pushup, right knee, pushup, left knee = 1.
3 // enter a pie into the martinsville agricultural fair pie contest.
4 // learn how to make homemade gluten free gnocchi.
5 // take a hip-hop dance class.
6 // knit my own pair of socks. and wear them!
7 // crochet flowers.
8 // take a cooking class.
9 // do an unexpected/romantic thing for wadely (at least) once a week.
10 // read a book a month from time magazine's all time 100 novels.
1 - 8/13 catcher in the rye
2 - 8/28 animal farm  

3 - atonement
4 - revolutionary road 
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
11 // go to a roller derby match.
12 // see a movie by myself.
13 // walk to work 2x a week.
14 // create and keep a budget.
15 // learn 5 christmas carols on the piano & accompany a family sing-a-long during the holidays.
16 // learn at least 1 non-christmas song on the piano.
17 // purposefully run into the "mean girl" from high school when home visiting my grandma - and ask her about her life + little girl. (this might kill me - or at least give me hives.)
18 // find an organization i’m passionate about and volunteer my time regularly.
19 // send 1 postcard/handwritten note to a different family member or friend each month.
1 - 8/13 care package to bro-in-law 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
20 // relearn to write in cursive - and become comfortable w/ my penmanship.
21 // go to a u-pick farm.
22 // host a fancy dinner party and use china!
23 // open an etsy shop.
24 // purchase and master the tajine.
25 // watch the sunrise at percy warner park.
26 // purchase & complete a coloring book.
27 // finish rosetta stone french. (this is a BIG ol' challenge!)
28 // take a pottery class through metro parks. {8/22 - enrolled!}
29 // read a book on music therapy.
30 // visit ethiopia.


Jake and Cristy said...

Love this! Happy Birthday! Hope you are spoiled by everyone around you today...and through the weekend, why not, right? Much love to you!

Adam Hall said...

awesome list!

Hé Ré said...

Happy birthday! I have 4 months until 30 & my only goal was to be the healthiest I've ever been in my adult life. Due to some injuries & a crazy stressful move I am WAY behind... but I guess I could get going on this & perhaps I wont be the healthiest exactly ON my birthday, but at least during the 30th year of my life! And now I'm regretting my super sweet bread pudding french toast I had for breakfast! :/

Tess said...

Happy birthday! I'm still six months away of my 30's but this list is a great idea! enjoy your birthday and having one more year of wisdom ahead of you :)

Regards from Belgium :)

Faith Bendt said...

Great list! This is very inspiring. I might try this for the New Year. I have never actually set any goals or lists for the New Year. Hope you had a great drive on your birthday! :\

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks folks! the list is going to prove to be a bear - i'm sure of it already. but i'm almost a week in and i've already gotten to 5 of those crazy pushups, am really enjoying "the catcher in the rye" and have practiced my french daily! please do your own lists! then we can encourage each other. who's taking hiphop w/ me!?!

Anonymous said...

This might be cheating, but an easy way to fulfill your post card a month goal.. there is a free app called postagram that you can send cards out of pictures you've taken on your phone w/ a message anywhere in the world for 99¢. It's pretty sweet. Nice list Blair, I'm working on mine right now!

Venessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! My Bday is coming up this September. I think I might have to create my own and blog about it!

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