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{hello munday} ... on a tuesday

the first day back in the office after a long weekend is always a madhouse --- yesterday was no exception (unfortunately neither was today!). so this week's {hello munday} is just a wee bit delayed ... on a tuesday:

eat // these gluten free, vegan AND no sugar added cookies via kat in the kitch. i gave up sugar this week - well other than red wine. ;) what do you think, folks - would this be cheating? what if i used semi sweet choc chips? ha! have a hunch i won't be successful for long.

{source: kat in the kitch}

make // these mason jar/pipe clamp DIYs are all over the internet right now. w/ a pedestal sink in the bathroom, we love the idea! *bonus* the plan is to incorporate this little vintage inspired soap dispenser we picked up at target last year.

{source: flickr, tresorellecottage}

play // the coast guard fest in grand haven, mi. over the weekend, w+i spent time in northern michigan w/ our friends taylor + reed. they perfectly planned their wedding reception to correspond with grand haven's coast guard fest - which for a small town is a BIG deal. there was too much to fit into 3 quick days: a carnival (complete w/ fried treats!), ship tours, a craft fair, the beach, fireworks + so much more! we both agreed that we might just have to make another trip up - esp someday when we have kiddos.

wear // these timeless tanks from banana republic. i consider them my grownup undershirt + praise them for "holding me together". i rarely leave home w/o one. we stopped by a banana republic outlet store on the way home from michigan last weekend - where you could buy 2 for 1. WIN! (i also got a new blazer at last - i'll post soon!)

{click to shop}

covet // this ridiculously cute goldfish bowl from alessandra baldereschi - available through made in design uk. just a bit out of our price range at $450. wade and i need a fish!

learn // these furoshiki (japanese wrapping cloth) techniques (and more). mama needs a large square scarf! ps - how fantastic is that red/white scarf available through uguisu!?!

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth - LINK x Lucinda Newton-Dunn
{source: uguisu}

read // as part of my 30 by 30 ... i started reading the catcher in the rye last night. have you read it? join me!


Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

Love this post! And, hey, Pre to Post Modern on 8th has a HUGE selection of vintage scarves, all under $10.

Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

And also! Those cookies look major to me. How about bringing them to dinner on Friday?!

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