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{whatever wednesday} save your sole!

did you happen to catch this video on the today show earlier this week regarding healthy yet stylish alternatives to painful women's shoes?

according to the video, 87% of women complain about foot pain {source: the american podiatric medical society}. the result? bunions, stress fractures, joint pain, morton's neuroma, corns, calluses, hammertoe, and toenail problems ... just to name a few. an article called on your feet published in the washington post in 2007 stated that "approximately $3.5 billion (is) spent annually in the united states for women's foot surgeries, which cause them to lose 15 million work days yearly".

let's face it ... when it comes to footwear, fashion trumps function.

and i am completely guilty:

all-time favorite // carlos by carlos santana's bungalow peep. i originally bought a pair in brown and of course had to have a matching pair in black. i am so crazy about these heels that when they stopped manufacturing the style, i took to ebay and bought 2 add'l pairs in brown. i'm now on my final pair. *tear*

most recent purchase // hiala by nine west. these beauties rock a 5" heel!

major shoe fail // just last week, i had a major foot hangover for 2 days after spending 4 hours at a david nail concert in 5" heels. my friend faith teased me all weekend - apparently rule #1 for concert goers: wear comfortable shoes!

okay okay - at this rate i'm definitely going to be among the 87%. but what's the alternative?!? introducing not your grandma's healthy shoe ... YOU by crocs (yes - i just typed that ... by CROCS!)

{click to shop}

cute - right? too bad i didn't know about these little lovelies earlier. i do after all have a birthday TOMORROW!

your turn:
1 // what is your all-time favorite shoe?
2 // what is your most recent shoe purchase?
3 // what is your major shoe fail?


Lokie said...

Smart, very smart. Use your birthday money as a down payment...very worth it!!

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